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Who will the next frequency 2.5-2.7 GHz for LTE development

Interest to trading show, in addition to the big four, cellular operators' Base Telecom »,« Tele2 Russia "SMARTS" Ekaterinburg-2000 "(brand" Motive ") ...


MTS launches commercial operation 4G network in Bashkortostan

To date, the 4G network is deployed in Ufa, as well as in the cities Sterlitamak, Salavat and û.


MTS to launch LTE in Tver

In the first stage, MTS launched LTE network at the same time in all regions of Tver, as well as in cities Udomlya, Torzhok and Rzhev, Tver Region. MTS Mobile Internet is available at speeds up to 75 Mbit / s.